Masters of the Universe Battleground: Wave 4 „Macht der Horde“ – DE



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As this is the Evil Horde, this name obliges us to create a fitting playstyle. They need to be able to deploy more warriors than their opponents and the easiest way to achieve that is by making their characters significantly cheaper than the representatives of other factions. So that’s exactly what we did. Forces of 5 or 6 models will hit the table more often than you think. “But wait!” I hear you ask “Won’t it be difficult to activate 6 models with just 5 cards? Even if extra cards are drawn, players could run out of the deck before the game ends!” Worry not! Members of the Evil Horde have special skills and equipment to support their playstyle. Draw more cards, discard them to gain additional benefits and then move those cards from the discard pile back into the deck! This is the way of the Horde. Playing as the Evil Horde isn’t easy, as players have to constantly keep track of their fate cards, but it’s a rewarding playstyle.


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