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When survivors of humanity started to get up from their knees after the destructive war, when they were looking in fear to the North at the terrain occupied by robots, in the South a new threatening force was born, a force as strong as Moloch but not as dynamic. Slowly but surely an overwhelming mutated jungle started to grow. It was driven by an ungoverned survival instinct, and with each passing year it devours new kilometers of human earth. It assimilates everything it comes into contact with, changing animals and people into mutated beasts and symbiotic organisms, which enable it to go forward and destroy the next threat. This huge green and ferocious organism was called Neojungle.

Neuroshima Hex! Neodżungla is a single army expansion for Neuroshima Hex!The main advantage of this army is the ability to create a Motherland, which lets one Module simultaneously help all units which belong to the Motherland. Even units which are weak alone can become fast efficient killers.

The disadvantage of the army is its relatively low mobility, lack of shooters, and the fact that without a Motherland the units are rather weak and slow.

Neuroshima Hex! Neodżungla was originally released as part of the two-army expansion Neuroshima Hex! Babel13


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