World at War #56: Bastogne "Solitaire" - EN


World at War #56: Bastogne “Solitaire” – EN


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Solitaire game of the German siege of Bastogne & the surrounding area, 19-26 Dec 1944, defended by the US 101st Airborne. Player commands US forces trying to hold out until Patton’s forces can breakthru from the south. Can be played cooperatively by two players, each taking parts of the US defense. 176 counters. Germans approach via 4 tracks (roads) around the town. Co/Btln level, 1″-500yds. US goal is to hold out till Patton relieves the town, or to collapse German morale. Joseph Miranda’17 / ARTICLES ON: Battle of Bastogne; Allied Military Intelligence in the Pacific in WWII; Polish 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade in 1939; Beowulf, the German Invasion of the Baltic Islands, 1941; Mussilini’s WMDs; 4th Nigerian Rifles; Rescue of the 807 MAETS from Albania; Invasion of Luxembourg, 1940.


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