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Indagar was thrust into chaos when the Reaper burst into the mortal world, spawning a cataclysm that has left large swaths of the continent in ruin. A once stable republic that spanned the land has been destroyed, and in its wake, some factions are vying to be new rulers while others just want to be left alone. Meanwhile, warped monsters and terrible Cabalists roam the earth pent on destruction. No matter what side you’re on, the time has come to grab arms, prepare spells, and join the war for Indagar.

War for Indagar is a fast-paced, 4x strategy game that includes four distinct factions for 1-4 players, along with an engaging AI. Players select powerful heroes to represent their armies, choose unique strategies to tailor their gameplay, and use spells and abilities to gain control over the battlefield and — ultimately — the Spirit Well at its center.

After generating a dynamic board of face-down hexagon tiles, players take turns exploring the land, building outposts, gathering resources, and waging an intense battle against other players and the AI-driven monsters. Unlike many 4x games, War for Indagar puts combat at the center of the struggle, with heroes squaring off in epic combat and using abilities and spells unlocked as they gain experience. To participate in combat, players roll dice based on attack and defense characteristics; do enough damage and you send your opponent into retreat and gain the land they were defending.

Games of War for Indagar last for ten turns or until a player earns 10 primacy points. Primacy is earned by claiming land with new outposts, defeating the enemy champion, or mining the precious spirits from the well at the center of the battlefield. Points can be won and lost in this seesaw battle to dominate the land, so call your banners, summon your champions, and prepare for the war for Indagar!


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