Vampire The Eternal Struggle: New Blood „Toreador“ – EN


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New Blood is a collection of five 55-card preconstructed decks for introductory games of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. These decks are simpler than tournament level decks, but showcase all the basic mechanics of the game. They are balanced, for a fun and exciting first try of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Some of the cards included are reprints and some are new for this set, all ready to mix with cards from other sets.

To make Vampire: The Eternal Struggle more accessible to new players, Black Chantry will make these introductory decks available to retailers at a reduced price compared to our other products.

Clan Malkavian are seers and lunatics both – eerie oracles of vampire society. While plagued by afflictions of the mind, they are gifted with supernatural insight.

This deck is a toolbox that mixes bleeding and political actions, focused on dealing direct damage against enemy Methuselahs. Its vampires forsake combat skills for stealth and cunning.

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

Crypt (6 cards)
1 Carmelita Neillson (New card)
1 Catalina Vega
1 Flávio Gonçalves
1 Mateo García (New card)
1 Mkhokheli
1 Nik Sikko

Library (49 cards)
1 Art Museum
1 Dummy Corporation
2 Minion Tap
4 Toreador Grand Ball

5 Enchant Kindred
1 Entrancement

1 Conservative Agitation
1 Domain Challenge
3 Kine Resources Contested
3 Parity Shift

2 Aire of Elation
2 Bewitching Oration (New art)
1 Scorn of Adonis
2 Voter Captivation

4 Resist Earth’s Grasp
1 Scalpel Tongue

6 Majesty (New art)

2 On the Qui Vive (New art)
3 Second Tradition: Domain (New art)
2 Telepathic Counter
2 Telepathic Misdirection

1 rules reference card

Note: Cellophane wrapped only – no tuckbox.


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