Unmatched: Adventures Tales to Amaze – EN **Spezial First Edition – Exclusive Foil Cards”


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Unmatched Adventures Tales To Amaze title image showcasing the box art with Tesla, Golden Bat, Annie Christmas, and Jill Trent. The game is laid out for play showing a board, minis, and cards.
A terrifying villain and its host of malevolent minions are terrorizing this sleepy town. Not to fear! You and up to three of your friends will take on the role of some of the mightiest heroes of the day to fight back and save us all. Unmatched Adventures: Tales To Amaze is a cooperative game based on the critically acclaimed, smash-hit miniatures fighting game. So grab your coil gun and put on your pearls, cause you’ve got a Mothman to take down!

two villains to choose from come included – mothman and martian invader. There are also 6 minions to mix and match to play against.
the game includes 4 heroes. Jill Trent Science Sleuth, Annie Christmas, Nikola Tesla, and The Golden Bat
A deck of cards with effects that boost the enemies. How many you use and which effects lets you tune the game’s difficulty and also the strategy you need to take to win the game, adding a ton of replayability.
you can play other unmatched heroes in Tales to Amaze, you can play the tales to amaze heroes against other unmatched heroes, and you can use the tales to amaze board for competitive games fitting up to 5 players
the rules are divided into three bite sized rulebooks for maximum usability
Adventure rules


Product information “Unmatched Adventures Tales to Amaze”:
All boxes from the first print run will contain the 4 FOIL CARDS for free!
The product does NOT contain the Deluxe Tokens, these are available seperately
All boxes from your restock orders will not have them.


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