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The Grand Trunk Journey features 12 eastern Canadian and US cities and 4 ports demanding and providing four types of goods, coal, iron, wood and steel. As managers of a Grand Trunk’s subsidiary, the players must use the cards they have in their personal decks, composed of rail equipment (locomotives and
railcars) and locations (cities and ports), to move their train between those cities and the ports and deliver the goods they demand. The movement of their trains is recorded on a Time track, which indicates how many days the players have spent so far.
As the objective is to become the new CEO of the Grand Trunk Railway, delivering all types of goods in many different cities is a plus. In certain cases, delivering a certain type of good is a requirement to
improve the players’ equipment. In addition to regular deliveries, they will also be interested to fulfill special deliveries, which are more profitable than regular deliveries. To do so, the players must deliver the right good, in the right city or port, at the right moment though!
The composition of a player’s train is represented by a series of cards placed face up in front of them: a location card indicating where is the train, a locomotive indicating the number of railcars it can pull, and one to four railcars of different types, moving different goods.
The city cards the player have in their deck are used to move their train from a city to another match the location of all the accessible rail terminals. As the game progresses, new terminals will be built, so new city cards will be added to their deck. Each city card also features a railcar or a special action that the player can use. At the moment they build a new terminal in a city, all other subsidiaries can also deliver goods to that city, but the player gets the victory points associated with its building. Moreover, they will also be in a better position to accomplish the first delivery to that city and get extra victory points.
Components: 1 game board, 80 Player cards, 4 Train markers, 12 Track markers , 4 Fast Locomotive tokens, 16 Improvement cards, 10 Objective cards, 12 Terminal tokens, 8 First Delivery tokens, 12 City Goods tokens, 3 Port Goods tokens, 125 Goods cubes, 22 Special Delivery Contract tokens, 8 Overview
sheets (4 each in English and German), 2 Rules booklets (in English and German)


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