Ogre: Miniatures Set 1



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Why should the Ogres be the only ones to play in 3-D? Now defend your Command Post with 3-D units as well!

Ogre players can make their games more exciting than ever with these new miniatures. Both factions get detailed, quality minis compatible with both Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer’s Edition. Now, as the Ogre stalks its prey across the battlefield, the scene will unfold on the board just as it would in the real 2085 A.D.

Set 1* includes:
– Combine forces in red – two Ogres, a Mark III and a Mark V.
Paneuropean defenders in blue – eight Heavy Tanks, six Missile Tanks, eight GEV´s, four Howitzers, 42 infantry (with 14 bases), and one Command Post.
– Two erasable Ogre record sheets.
– Ogre Miniatures Lite

*Miniatures supplied are unpainted and unassambled.


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