Mythic Battles: Ragnarök (All Stretch Goals included) – EN


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In Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, take control of Norse divinities and command their forces in the ultimate conflict! While gods and mortals wage war on mighty giants and living dead, strange runes of fire materialize in the Nine Worlds. For centuries, these remnants of primal force remained lost, but now those who dare to wield this arcane power may tip the balance of these world-breaking battles in their favor.
The realms are crumbling, the end draws near, and only the mighty shall be remembered.

The Bifrost Bridge has collapsed, trapping Odin and his armies in Asgard. The resulting war on Midgard will be a devastating clash with no assumed victor. Will Ases and Vanes save the Nine Worlds from destruction, or will chaos shatter these realms and reduce Yggdrasil to ashes?

Includes :
Core Box
88 miniatures
2 double-sided gameboards

Storage Box
45 dashboards
400+ cards
10 special dice
15 runes
More than 30 tokens
18 3D elements
1 rulebook
2 game aid sheets
1 book of scenarios


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