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In Monuments, 1 to 4 players lead their Mayan, Incan, Greek or Egyptian Civilization. Over the course of the game, you will build your mighty Monument, layer by layer. Impressive as this is, it is also important to grow your population, produce resources, expand your territories over land and sea, build buildings and keep your opponents at bay. Gameplay is smooth and fast. Each turn, you either play a simple action card and discard it, or take all discarded cards back on hand. When someone builds the fifth and final layer of their Monument, the game is over. But only the player with the most victory points wins! An AI opponent
for solo play is included. This Deluxe Edition comes with up to 15 cm / 6 inch high plastic miniature Monuments, wooden resources and player pieces, and a deluxe insert with removable game trays for player pieces and resources.
Key Selling Points:

Very little downtime because turns go very quickly – most actions take 5 seconds to execute.
High replayability because of the unique civilizations, different score cards, common and personal bonus cards and abilities.
Many different ways to play and win, quest cards guide newer players.
Beautiful 3D Monument miniatures of up to 15 cm (6 inch) high.
High quality artwork and 291 wooden components to add to the premium gaming experience.
A full size civilization game with easy rules and actions result in quick turns and a play time of 30 minutes per player.
Fully localized versions, with all cards describing clearly what they do in the native language without the use of confusing iconigraphy.
Quick set-up and take down because of the removable game trays
Game Contents:

1 Game Board (65×80 cm with stunning artwork)
4 Deluxe Plastic Monuments
291 Wooden Resources and Play Pieces
168 Cards
4 Player Boards
11 Dice
Score Pad
Removable Plastic Trays for Resources and Player Pieces


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