Modern Naval Battles: Global Warfare - EN


Modern Naval Battles: Global Warfare – EN


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Product information “Modern Naval Battles Global Warfare (Core Set)”

The cards are beautifully printed with full color

on both sides with rounded corners. The box

size is 9″ x 12″ x 2″.

This new game features ships from 9 different

nations: USA, USSR, UK, France, China,

Argentina, Taiwan, Norway, and Japan. This

gives you the ships you need to play out

battles during the Cold War, Falkland Islands

War, and Post-2000 naval warfare on the high


The MNB – Global Warfare system maximizes

player decision making to make every turn

exciting. First, you get to select a nation’s fleet

to command. Then, you get to select your

specific ships to build what you think is the

best battle group. Once selected, you’ll get to

battle the fleets selected by the other players

for ultimate supremacy of the seas!


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