London Necropolis Railway – EN/DE


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London, 1849: The cholera epidemic of the last two years has overrun the city’s ability to inter the dead. A new cemetery must be built to handle the needs of London for the indefinite future, outside of the city limits – far enough away that expansion won’t be an issue. The only way to transport the deceased and their loved ones to the cemetery is by train.

In London Necropolis Railway, you take on the task of planning and executing this project.In each turn you choose a card and the two corresponding action discs. With this you build the London Terminus, the Brookwood Necropolis and / or the railway that connects the two points.

Game components: 4 player boards, 1 central board, 52 action cards, 32 London tiles, 24 railway tiles, 4 locomotives, 4 prestige markers, 75 pound sterling coins, 72 mourner cubes, 20 staff, 4 volunteers, 48 action discs, 100 coffins, 24 crypts, 1 bag, 1 start player marker, 1 game round marker, 2 rulebooks (EN and DE)

The train game that is not a train game!


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