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In Gob’Z’Heroes, goblins clash loudly by slapping faces, tripping each other, throwing grenades, and using quite unorthodox techniques such as « Acid Fart » or « Good Wallop ». You will head the Gob’z’heroes or the Gob’villains, and try to ridicule the rival crew! Everything is allowed, including the most ludicrous attacks…


Be the first to score the number of Victory Points defined at the beginning of the game, as simple as that … !!


Victory Points are awarded for some brilliant actions performed by a player on his turn. Here is the list of exemples :

KO by LOL = 1 VP
KO by Low Blows = 1 VP
KO a Troll = 2VP


Phases of turn:
1 (optionnal)If only 1 gob remain able, a backup shows up
2 Identify the able gob with the highest charisma of your crew
3 Play your gob’z without exceeding the rationing limit
4 Crew rehab before next turn

Play a gob :
When you play a gob, you can first move then make him attack if possible

Move a gob :
Each gob has a movement characteristic

Attack a rival gob :
Roll a dice to hit to determine if a blow hits or not
Modifiers : Some skills, combo or stuff cards could bring a bonus or a malus
Determine the degree of injury : We consider the physical ability of both the attacker and the defender


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