Genesis TCG: Battle of Champions – Raze „Booster Display Box“ – EN



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The tribes have descended into war. Ammit, King of Vadhis seeks to rule all of Jaelara by crushing any who stand in his way. But the tide has begun to shift as new champions arise, including the king’s own daughter, Princess Odara. In an act of betrayal, she leaves her father to join forces with the defiant champions of Vishud. Could this mark the end of the Tyrant King?
The complete Raze set contains: 25x Epic Rare, 25x Rares, 31x Uncommons, 40x Commons, 4x Champions, and 7x Tip Cards.
Game Contents:
Each display box contains 24x booster packs.

1x Rare
1x Champion.Tip/Token card
3x Uncommons
10x Commons
1 in 8 booster packs will replace the Champion/Tip/Token card with and Epic Rare.


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