Genesis TCG: Battle of Champions – Beta „Booster Display Box“ – EN


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In Genesis, players build a custom deck from their collection of cards. Each card has a unique rule text explaining how they function. With the addition of a 5×6 grid Arena, we merged the tactical concept of other games like chess with the experience of a collectible card game. You and your summons navigate the Arena by moving, casting spells, and using techniques. Your goal is to attack your opponent from a position of advantage. Direction, distance, and awareness can make or break your plans.
The complete Beta set contains: 16x Rares, 20x Uncommons, 42x Commons, 8x Champions, and 4x Aura Cards.
Game Contents:
Each display box contains 24x booster packs.

1x Rare
1x Champion
3x Uncommons
10x Commons


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