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Europa Universalis: The Price of Power captures the essence of the award-winning Europa Universalis PC game, and once again brings this epic strategy experience back to the tabletop.

As a result this is in every sense a true 4X, grand strategy game, cast in a historical setting.

Take your realm from its historical starting position as a medieval European kingdom in 1444, and transform it into an enlighted global empire where the sun never sets.
Solo Mode by Dávid Turczi

The Solo Mode has been created by renowned game designer Dávid Turczi.

His previous projects include Anachrony, Dice Settlers, and Days of Ire, and he has crafted solo modes for well-known games like Teotihuacan, Cerebria, and Petrichor.

Included in both the Base Game and Deluxe Edition are the solo rules booklet and 2 solo bot mini card decks

Bots for all major power realms and selected minor powers.
This is the Base game for Western Europe (1–4 players)
with all the content shown in the gallery image.Manageable campaigns for small tables. Featuring major powers like: Castille, France, England and Austria.
A scenario book to play minor nations, all with their respective mission trees and historical events.Solo Mode rulebook and decks, to unleash your inner conqueror even by yourself, or to spice up multiplayer games.A whole world to explore and trade with. The rest of the world is available to colonize and trade with. Get the goods and sell them in your realm.

4 sets of miniatures and tokens (1-4 players)
2 large map boards (double-sided!)
Age I and II Events
All base game stretch goals


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