Efemeris: Solstice – DE



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Erweiterung nur Spielbar mit dem Grundspiel.

Decades have gone by, the ambition and covetousness of other Nations has emerged. The sails filled with the stellar winds, their Ships rise towards the celestial vault…

Efemeris: Solstice is the first expansion for Efemeris. The base game is necessary to play.

This expansion adds 3 new Nations to the base game of Efemeris: the Ottoman corsairs, the Dutch administrators, and the Portuguese inventors.

At the start of the game, players may select their Nation among the Solstice Nation. Unlike the standard Nations, selecting one of the new Nations allows the player to take 0 to 3 Solstice tokens at the beginning of the game.

Efemeris: Solstice comes with 36 new crew cards like the Astronomer or the Commodore.

The expansion also adds a 4-player Free for All mode.


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