Dungeon Degenerates: Lore Book Bundle – EN


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Get the whole series of supplemental DUNGEON DEGENERATES books! We have five volumes in our Degenerate Dictionary series, and four different Guides to the Würstreich offered as a bundled set. Our Book Bundle includes guides to Tomb Lake & the Wetlands, The Badlands & Beyond, Pigskin Port & the Highlands, & Bruttelburg & the Lowlands, and dictionaries on Horrific Hunters of the Badlands, Fishoid Freaks of the Wetlands, Tittering Terrors of the Highlands, Creepy Cults of the Lowlands, & Thugs & Thralls of the Würstreich. This Book Bundle includes 8 new playable missions for DUNGEON DEGENERATES: Hand of Doom!

9 booklets, 28 – 32 pages each, pamphlet style from GOBLINKO.


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