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Gaston, the Horned King, and Lady Tremaine join the ranks of Disney Villainous in Despicable Plots, the newest expand-alone expansion to the Disney Villainous line!In Disney Villainous, players take the role of a Disney Villain. The first player to complete their Villain`s untie, story-based objective wins! Use henchmen and items from your Villain deck to help you along the way. Meanwhile, deal twists of fate to your opponents along the way by playing meddlesome heroes, who interfere with Villains` plans. Who will win this ultimate contest of sinister power?To win as Gaston, players must remove Obstacles in his Realm to convince Belle he`s the perfect man. The Horned King must have Cauldron Born in each location to control the world, while Lady Tremaine must marry Drizella or Anastasia to the Prince to achieve victory.


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