Dark Souls: The Painted World of Ariamis – EN


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Battle through a gripping dungeon crawl campaign with this highly anticipated DARK SOULS™: The Board Game core set. Based on the popular video game series, this board game adaptation is filled with iconic DARK SOULS™ characters, monsters, and bosses, making it a must-have for DARK SOULS™ fans.
What’s in the Box:

18 Miniatures (1 large boss, 3 characters, 1 mini boss, 13 enemy minis)
• 4 Double-sided Game Tiles
• 3 Character Boards
• 3 Token Boards
• 1 Campaign Dashboard
• 1 Rulebook
• 15 Dice
• 169 Cards
• 2 Health Dials

Features & Benefits

ACCLAIMED FRANCHISE – Officially licenced board game based on the popular video game series. DARK SOULS™: The Board Game also has a large community of its own, with the original board game raising over £3m at Kickstarter.
• REVITALISED RULESET – Tomb of Giants features a new-and-improved ruleset, incorporating feedback and suggestions from the passionate DARK SOULS™: The Board Game community.
• BRAND NEW CAMPAIGN SYSTEM – Specifically designed to streamline the experience, the changes to the campaign system will make games quicker, more exciting, and deliver a more consistent gameplay experience.
• FULLY BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE – Tomb of Giants is compatible with all previous DARK SOULS™: The Board Game products, and can be combined with them to create memorable campaigns with the new ruleset and gameplay mechanics.
• STANDALONE – Although players are welcome to combine this set with other DARK SOULS™: The Board Game products, no other purchase is necessary to play, as this is a standalone set. This makes it a perfect entry point to the game for new players, who’ll also find the streamlined mechanics accessible and easy to learn.
• PREPARE TO DIE – Confront the terrifying fan favourite boss, Gravelord Nito, at the culmination of the campaign. This impressive mini (on a huge 80mm base) depicts the Lord


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