Yu-Gi-Oh!: Maximum Gold El Dorado – DE


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Maximum Gold: El Dorado Premium Gold Rare cards are back! Beautiful premium gold rares return and give many of your favourite cards an elegant new look. Premium Gold Rare Cards have golden outlines, frames, symbols and icons that accentuate the artwork of many of your favourite cards and add texture to them. New VariantArtwork! Ten more cards receive a complete makeover with new variants artworks in addition to the premium gold rare treatment. You have seen the new varied artwork for I:P Maskerena on the I:P Maskerena accessories and can now see it in your extra deck. Nightmare Knights Unicorn also gets a new variant artwork that gives a powerful combo a new look. New cards and recurring favourites! MAXIMUM GOLD:El Dorado will produce a series of new cards alongside his many recurring favourites. Fans of Zah“ monsters should look out for a new XyzMonster with an incredibly large ATK boost effect, and duelists waiting to complete their set of Premium Gold Rare Dragon Girls can do this with the Premium Gold Rare Chamber Dragon Girl! Cards that do not receive the complete Premium Gold Rare Treatment are still decorated with some gold and appear as rare cards with gold lettering instead of the standard silver font.


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