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WARIGIN is a rapid PVP-focussed board game for 2-3 tacticians.

Command Heaven, Hell, and the Void in quick 2v1 faction wars (even with two players) while you challenge your friends and foes, navigate the tides of war and dominate eternity. WARIGIN is a combination of tabletop and card game that allows for a quick match — each round is 15-30min once you know the cards — extended play sessions thanks to the cross-match leaderboard.

In WARIGIN, the inevitable 2 vs 1 conflict between the three factions is a desired driving force in the asymmetrical game design: As a player, you want to become the challenger via the initial bidding sequence and to lead your units against the combined enemy armies as often as possible. This is your way to exclusive perks, superior card effects and to lead the eternal ranking. It might be a tiny victory point at the end of the evening that makes all the difference.

While in a three-player match the challenger is up against the two other players and their combined forces, the two-player set-up is another, very tough duel situation for both sides. When the second player gains control over two factions and gets more power via additional action cards every turn, the challenger not only fights against a superior force but also against time.


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