Hordes: Circle Orboros – Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood, Tree of Fate

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Cassius der Schwurträger & Wurmwood, Baum des Schicksals
The enigmatic Circle warlock Cassius the Oathkeeper is bound to serve the ancient Wurmwood, Tree of Fate. Wurmwood passes harsh judgment on all who fall beneath its branches, harvesting their souls to fuel Cassius? magic. Those who stand against the Circle Orboros face an unpredictable battlefield, as whole forests spring fully-grown from the earth, entrapping enemies within their deadly green depths.
The Cassius the Oathkeeper warlock and Wurmwood, Tree of Fate solo come together in a box (PIP 72043). A player may field one Cassius and Wurmwood in a Circle Orboros army.



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