Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set – EN


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„Titus the Disgraced / Finvarr Lord of Mirages“


Choose your champions, assemble your warband and prepare for battle in this fast-paced tabletop combat game for two players. Your goal? To fight for control of the precious godtears scattered across the land.

Godtear’s quick-to-grasp gameplay will launch you straight into the action, with a range of tactical challenges to explore as you get to grips with the factionless world of The Cradle.


Dynamic tabletop combat game for 2 players
Includes highly detailed, pre-coloured PVC miniatures
Ideal for demos, Godtear is quick to set up and learn. Even the miniatures come pre-assembled!
Fits on a 3ft x 2ft table
Great introduction to miniatures games for first timers
Strategic depth and shifting scenarios will keep experienced players engaged


Dynamic tabletop combat game for 2 players
Fast to set up and learn. Choose your champion and prepare for battle!
Each starter set includes:
12 unique, highly detailed miniatures
All the tokens, dice and boards you need to play Godtear
No assembly needed—all miniatures come pre-assembled and pre-coloured
Godtear’s fluid combat and straightforward mechanics are ideal for beginners
Whilst dynamic scenarios and shifting battlefields will keep experienced players invested


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